Search Engine Optimization

“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”

As name suggest, Search Engine optimization is a process of optimizing website to get traffic from natural or organic search results on search engines. Google has more than 3 lakh crore web pages in their index. Approximately, 100 crores visitors search on google every month. When anyone searches on any search engines, it shows relevant results. Search engine optimization is a process of telling search engine that you have related results for it. Lakod Enterprise has all required resources that help in increasing ranking in search engine results page that helps to gain quality traffic.

At Glance SEO Services

Local SEO

It is very essential for local business to visible in their functioning area online. At Lakod Ennterprise, we understand the clients’ requirements. So, we provide solutions that help them to visible in local area search results.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, consumers are using mobiles for finding products that best suits for them. In this case business websites are also responsive for mobiles. At Lakod Enterprise, we are taken care that websites are mobile friendly.

E- commerce SEO

How would you sell your products online? With only a website? No. You need to appear in search result on search engines. So, we serve e-commerce seo for the businesses who want to sell online.

How Search Engine Optimization Helps Business

  • On google search engine, first page results win 90% of all clicks. This is a reason for ranking of any business on first page.
  • SEO friendly websites deliver better user experience.
  • The SEO friendly website have higher conversion rates. That increases number of customers and easily get leads.
  • SEO is one of the way of low cost advertising because it appears in unpaid searches on search engines with related keywords.
  • Approximately, 81% of consumers research online before visited physical stores or buying online.
  • One of the biggest benefit of SEO is to increase brand credibility. Ranking websites make impression that you are the industry leader in the mind of Customers.
Search Engine Optimization

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