Who Are We

“The real asset of a business is to believing in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity and higher ethical standards”
– Mr. Krutarth Patel
(Founder & CEO)

Our Story

 In the world of ‘Digital’ era, we initiate a Digital solutions for local businesses and corporates under the roof of ‘Lakod Enterprise’. We are serving to help the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises for becoming a Global Brand by providing digital solutions, that helps to reach with the potential customers and other business partners for growth. We believe in connecting people, by offering innovative solutions that are in line with customers’ aspirations. We are work with the qualitative outputs with the cost effective structures.

We believe in ethical business practices which will help us to create a great customer loyalty and long-term business relations with our stakeholders. We always focus on continuous improvements of our products and we take consideration of every feedback. Our identity is reflected by our Work that is our core objective.

Our Value Systems

Ethical Practices

Ethics are the paramount for us in our corporate practices as well as our personal behaviour.


Our reputation is built by how we act. We are committed in honest and truthful actions to our stakeholders. It begins with compliance with laws and regulations. We holds higher ethical standards for getting trust.

Customer Value

We firmly believe that customer is the reason for our existence and the only guarantee of our future. As a part of it, We have a policy of ‘Customer First’ and ‘Customer Delight’. We are proactive to understand our customer needs and work on providing unique solutions.

Ownership Mindset

success and reputation of the company is paramount for us. With the ownership mindset, we operate for ‘play to win’. It creates sense of inspiration and purpose. It enables accountability and accomplishment. We always ensure ourselves with the highest standard of corporate citizenship.


We believe that without respecting all our stakeholders there can be no Lakod. We always respect each other’s opinion. We are creating a culture of each other’s self-esteem and dignity.


We are investing in our stakeholders, that enables us in continuous progressing and exponential growth.


We are passionate for achieving the highest standards of work practices.

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